Certified Respiratory Therapist Salary

A certified respiratory therapist is a professional who has special training and education in the diagnostic and treatment process for pulmonary health conditions. The individual typically has a minimum of an associate’s degree as well as special certification training. Responsibilities of this position may include obtaining and analyzing breath, blood and spit samples. The average certified respiratory therapist salary for professionals across the country is approximately $56,500. However, there are numerous factors that can influence the income a CRT may actually earn.

The Location of the Position

One factor that can influence the certified respiratory therapist salary is the location of the position. The salary of an individual in New York City, for example, may be considerably higher than one in a rural Iowa town. Generally, the geographic location’s cost of living will influence the income potential, but the demand for CRTs in the geographic location may also play a role in the potential income an individual may receive.

The Work Environment

In addition, the work environment where the individual is employed will also be a factor. For example, CRT services may be required in a hospital with irregular work hours or overtime hours. This type of position may yield a higher level of compensation than a CRT may earn in a typical office environment with traditional work hours. The responsibilities of the individual and the patient load at the work location will also be a factor in income potential.


A final point to consider when analyzing the certified respiratory therapist salary relates to the experience of the individual. Those who have a CRT certification with no clinical work experience may earn a significantly lower income than an individual in an equivalent position who does have experience on the job. In addition, those with experience may qualify for higher level or managerial positions. The number of employees who the individual manages may impact the overall income potential of the CRT.

As you can see, there are numerous factors that can play a role in your overall income potential as a CRT. While the average income of this type of skilled worker is $56,500, some individuals in this line of work may earn more than $67,000 while others may earn less than $46,000. If you are interested in maximizing your income potential in your line of work, consider how you can utilize these factors to your benefit.