Top Respiratory Therapist Programs in Charlotte North Carolina

Find Accredited Respiratory Therapist Schools in Charlotte

Prior to working as a respiratory therapist, therapists must first go to college. While there are only two schools located within the Charlotte city limits or nearby, students also have the option of taking classes online or at one of the other campuses in the state. The best programs are those accredited by a regional agency or a national organization. Those agencies ensure that students graduate with all the necessary skills that employers look for and that students feel happy about what they learned.

How to get Certified in Charlotte

Respiratory therapists must have certification from the state of North Carolina before looking for employment. As with most states, students will first need to take and pass the National Board for Respiratory Care examination. All applicants submit an application for that test and go through a local background check. After passing the required elements, they can sit for the examination, which usually takes a few hours to complete. They can then submit their passing scores to the state to apply for a license. They’ll also need to show that they completed the minimum amount of training in the field, which is usually one to two years.

Salaries for Respiratory Therapists in Charlotte

Respiratory therapists working in Charlotte have the chance to make more than those working in other parts of the state do. The city is home to several notable hospitals and medical facilities that hire respiratory therapists to work with patients of various ages. The median annual salary for those who choose to work in Charlotte is just over $61,000 a year. Those working in the field also report earning a wide range of salaries based on experience and education. Therapists can make around $51,000 a year or as much as $71,000 a year or more.

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