Top Respiratory Therapist Programs in Cleveland Ohio

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Cleveland occasionally has a bad reputation due to how the recession hit this once prosperous automobile manufacturing town. The city slowly bounced back and because of its large number of medical facilities, it has a high need for trained medical professionals. Those who attend accredited schools and programs will earn degrees that better prepare them for working with patients. Respiratory therapists can work in large hospitals, in private clinics or even on a freelance basis. Those hoping to open their own practices or work for others will need to attend an accredited college.

How to get Certified in Cleveland

Ohio makes it easy for applicants to obtain respiratory care certification. They can apply for a license through the Ohio Respiratory Care Board, which requires that all applicants pass a criminal background check after submitting their fingerprints to the police department. Applicants will also need to take an examination that is similar to the one offered by the National Board for Respiratory Care. Those applying for certification will also need to show that they have a minimum of two years training or classes. The Ohio Respiratory Care Board notifies applicants within two weeks if they passed.

Salaries for Respiratory Therapists in Cleveland

Ohio is home to several large cities. Those working in the larger cities often report earning higher salaries than those living in smaller towns do. Respiratory therapists working in Cleveland, Cincinnati and Columbus are among the highest paid therapists in the state. The salaries reported by therapists working in the city range from just over $51,000 to nearly $72,000 a year. Those making the least amount of money each year are usually those who recently graduated college.

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