Top Respiratory Therapist Programs in Colorado

Respiratory Therapy is a rewarding, lucrative profession. Finding a program in Colorado that is accredited and incorporates an associate degree will set the course for becoming a licensed therapist in approximately three years, or six semesters. An allied health profession, respiratory therapists are distinct from nursing, medicine and pharmacy. Such positions make up sixty percent of the healthcare workforce.

Find Accredited Respiratory Therapist Programs in Colorado

Community colleges along with professional institutions like Pima Medical and Concorde Career College offer excellent training programs. Such programs offer courses in advanced respiratory care techniques, including neonatal procedures as well as advanced pharmacology. Medical institutions are accelerated programs that offer an associate degree in 21 months.

How to get Certified in Colorado

Upon graduation, those who have completed the training may go forward and take the necessary credentialing exams required by the National Board for Respiratory Care to become therapists. To maintain certifications, appropriate continuing education and diligence with regard to expiration dates must be adhered to.

Salaries for Respiratory Therapists in Colorado

In the State of Colorado, respiratory therapists earn around $61,000+ annually. Entry level wages start around $20 per hour and promotions to Director and above can exceed $100,000. Respiratory therapists may also specialize in a variety of fields including pediatrics, neonatal care, pulmonary rehabilitation and even home care as desired. These opportunities allow therapists to earn even higher salaries the more experienced they become.

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