What You Need to Know About Respiratory Therapist Schools in GA

When you decide to become a respiratory therapist, one of the important things you always have to keep in mind are the legal requirements. When you choose from the respiratory therapist schools in GA, you need to be sure it will fulfill those requirements.

Learn more about what it takes to work in this field. Find out what you would do in this career and where you might work. Also, get more information about licensing and school options.

What Is It Like to Work in Respiratory Care?

You will probably end up working in a hospital as you assist patients with breathing issues or conditions. You will provide testing, education, and care to patients as you help them breath better. The good news from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics is that there is projected job growth of 23 percent from 2016 to 2026 for the field. That means there should be plenty of opportunities available.

When it comes to what you will earn, the BLS says the median annual income as of 2018 was $60,280. That is about $28.98 per hour. So, this career provides not too bad of an income.

Preparing to Work

In order to work in this field in the state of Georgia, you must obtain a license through the Georgia Composite Medical Board. The licensing process requires that you obtain a degree from an accredited and approved school. You must also complete an application and submit a fee.

The application requires a resume, reference forms, a passport photo, and a notarized affidavit. You must also provide the board with your unopened report from the National Practitioner Data Bank. Finally, you must submit proof of your certification through the National Board of Respiratory Care.

The NBRC offers the Certified Respiratory Therapist credential or the Registered Respiratory Therapist credential. You can earn either of these credentials to obtain a license.

Find Respiratory Therapist Schools in GA

Currently, there are 17 accredited respiratory therapy schools in GA. You should find an appropriate program in this field offering an associate or bachelor’s degree. You can find programs throughout the state, including cities such as Atlanta. However, you may also venture outside the state if you want and look at programs in neighboring areas, such as Charlotte, North Carolina. The chart below provides you options within the state.

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Summing It Up

Working is respiratory care can allow you to have a very strong and profitable career. As you have learned, this field allows you to help others every day. However, you must first get your license, which requires a degree in the field. This means finding the right program from the various choices in respiratory therapist schools in GA.

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