Top Respiratory Therapist Programs in Hawaii

Find Accredited Respiratory Therapist Schools in Hawaii

In the state of Hawaii, there is only 1 school that is accredited school where one can take classes to become a licensed respiratory therapist. Kapiolani Community College is the choice for any Hawaiian that wishes to become a respiratory therapist. It is a 2 year public institution, and they only offer an Associates degree in respiratory therapy. It is located in Honolulu, and it has a medium size campus, with a student population of only around 9.1k. If one wishes to receive a Bachelor’s degree in Respiratory Therapy, they will have to seek our educational opportunities out of Hawaii at the present time, but it is possible to obtain this particular degree online if so desired.

How to get Certified in Hawaii

Graduates of Kapiolani Community College’s respiratory care practitioner program will be eligable to take the entry-level examinations from the NBRC (National Board of Respiratory Care). Passing this examination will earn the graduate their CRT (Certified Respiratory Therapist) credentials. In order to practice as a CRT in the state of Hawaii, the graduate must be issued a license by the state Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs of Hawaii. It is the only way to practice legally within the state of Hawaii.

Salaries for Respiratory Therapists in Hawaii

Generally speaking, the median for a respiratory therapist in the state of Hawaii runs around $57k a year, which is above the national average yearly salary for respiratory therapists. This is a general average despite what island in Hawaii one might reside on. This does not mean that every respiratory therapist job will start at $57k a year in Hawaii, but it is a close estimate of what the average respiratory therapist will start out with upon becoming certified in the state of Hawaii.

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