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Respiratory therapists work with individuals who have trouble breathing. Patients range in age from premature infants to the extreme elderly. The respiratory therapist helps diagnose and treat any patient with breathing difficulties. Performing chest physiotherapy to remove excess mucous is an important task for the respiratory therapist. Respiratory therapists also connect respirators and care for patients on respirators. Most respiratory therapists work in the hospital environment. Some respiratory therapists travel to patient homes to provide in-home care and others work in nursing homes.

The first step in becoming a respiratory therapist is to get an Associate’s degree in respiratory therapy. Some employers may prefer a Bachelor’s degree. Vocational colleges and many universities offer respiratory therapist programs. The study program includes classes in anatomy, chemistry, pharmacology and physics, as well as more practical coursework in using diagnostic equipment, assessing patients and performing therapy procedures.

How to get Certified in Minnesota

After graduating with a degree in respiratory therapy, if a therapist can pass an exam and become certified the therapist will be much more attractive to employers. The National Board for Respiratory Care is the certifying body in the U.S. There are two levels of certification. The first level, Certified Respiratory Therapist (CRT), requires only a degree and being able to pass the exam. The second level, Registered Respiratory Therapist, requires the individual be a CRT, have a certain amount of work experience, and be able to pass another exam.

Respiratory therapists must also be licensed by the state in which they plan to work. Each state has slightly different requirements. Minnesota requires respiratory therapists to renew their license annually. Requirements for a new license include holding a certification from the National Board for Respiratory Care, having a qualifying score on an exam in the last five years, filling out an application and paying a licensing fee.

Salaries for Respiratory Therapists in Minnesota

The median national salary for registered respiratory therapists was $61,184 in 2014. The median salary for registered respiratory therapists in St. Paul, Minnesota was $58,907; for Duluth, Minnesota it was $53,278; and for Rochester, Minnesota it was $52,012 in July 2014.

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