Finding a Respiratory Therapist School Online to Become a CRT or RRT

What Does a Respiratory Therapist Do?

While there are countless professions that deal with helping other individuals, very few can say that they help people in the same way that respiratory therapists do.

They help patients breathe better and solve a wide range of problems utilizing conventional medical wisdom. They aid patients whom suffer from chronic respiratory conditions like asthma or emphysema. They may even help elderly patients with a number of afflictions or younger patients whom have underdeveloped lungs.

The role that respiratory therapists play in ensuring that the medical needs of patients is met extends far past just administering medication. They teach patients techniques to encourage proper breathing and how to utilize their medicine and devices in correct and safe ways.

What Are the Requirements for Becoming a Respiratory Therapist?

The requirements for becoming a respiratory therapist depend upon where you plan to seek employment.

For example, respiratory therapists in the United States and Canada must have undergone respiratory therapist qualification programs. They then need to pass a national certification exam that ensures they are proficient in the skills required to perform their job while keeping their patients safe.

That means that you must have a respiratory therapist certification before you are able to even apply for a job as a respiratory therapist.

The programs themselves are available to you regardless of if you have an associate’s or bachelor’s degree.

Respiratory therapist positions may also require practical knowledge, which means that work and training as a respiratory therapist may be needed.

How Can You Become a Respiratory Therapist?

One of the best ways to become a respiratory therapist is by finding a school online. These cater to people with a busy schedule, which is one thing that can prevent many from participating within this career.

While the specifics will vary from school to school, most schools are capable of educating students in the knowledge they need to take the certified respiratory therapist (CRT) exam in the United States or Canada.

Along with offering a broad education for respiratory therapists, online schools may offer further specialization. It’s possible to become a technologist (CPFT) or to continue in your education to become an Adult Critical Care Specialist (RRT-ACCS).

Online schools also specialize in “Continuing Education” courses, which are designed to keep respiratory therapists updated on the latest techniques, practices and medicines that they may use in their daily activities with patients.